The only thing we can count on is change

I have been very busy lately and wanted to give you a heads up of all that has been happening lately. Aside from preparing for my monthly card classes, and getting ready to leave for an extended long weekend in Vegas (I love Vegas) I have been juggling a few new ventures.

First of all, I was recently asked to participate in a fundraiser for Maryvale Academy. This is ​an independent school for students JK to Grade 8​, located in Ottawa. I prepared a gift basket for their fundraiser to be held on Feb 8th. There is both an online auction (bidding closes on Feb 4th) as well as a gala/silent auction on Feb 8th. I invite you all to check it out.

My other big change? Well, I am in the process of opening a store online and selling my cards and other products. It is still a work in progress but how exciting is that?

Ottawa Artisans is an online marketplace where local makers showcase their products for local buyers. The emphasis is on promoting what awesome artisans do in Ottawa and linking them with interested buyers in the region. The website officially launches on Friday, January 31st but the site is up and running effective today! So how cool is that? I invite everyone to drop in, check out my shop, as well as all the other amazing artisans, maybe make an early purchase if you like or leave a review which will help promote this new business venture of mine.

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