What are you doing while staying home?

We’ve all seen the many games on facebook, that are being shared. Add this, multiply that, what sort of flower are you etc. So I decided to come up with my own game. Time to be honest with yourself because what other’s think shouldn’t matter. It’s meant to be fun. So with everyone staying home as much as possible (I hope) here are some questions for you. Answer honestly, I would love to see your responses.

  1. Is your home cleaner or messier than it was before all this started – About the same
  2. Are you wearing your PJ’s – No
  3. Are you wearing the same clothes you wore yesterday – yes
  4. How much weight have you gained or lost – about the same
  5. What activities are you doing now that you didn’t have time for before – I am trying to create videos to showcase my crafts. I am not having much luck so far.
  6. Are you enjoying the additional family time with your kids – sadly they are self isolating elsewhere.
  7. Have you explored new hobbies? – Does trolling for information on creating video’s count?
  8. Are you ordering more or less online – Definitely more
  9. Has the amount of snacks in your cupboard grown – yes, although I am trying not to eat them (in any great quantity)
  10. What are you doing to fill your day – crafting, playing too many games, Facebook, reading online (did I mention the video thing) as well as books, watching a bit of TV (not really my thing) scrolling Pinterest and you tube (I can loose hours doing this), and the usual housework, laundry, cooking etc.

Author: Susan

It is very satisfying to be able to look at something and say "I made that". As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, I can help you explore your creativity so you can bring a smile to someone's face by presenting them with a hand crafted card. Please contact me to find out more at sjbeale@sympatico.ca

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