Cards are becoming a lost art.

We no longer send out hundreds of cards at Christmas or send out a special card for someone’s  birthday.  Thank you cards are almost unheard of.   We have lost that personal touch when we rely on technology instead.  The problem is;

E-mails are never displayed on the mantle
No one tapes a tweet to the refrigerator
Facebook posts are never tucked away as a personal keepsake.

Presenting someone with a card, makes them feel special because you took a few extra minutes of your busy day to show them you cared.  Guess what?  It will bring a smile to both you and the receiver and that makes it worth while..

My name is Susan and I thoroughly enjoy making hand crafted cards and paper craft items.  I want to share that joy with you.  I will be posting cards and paper craft items along with pictures and instructions on my blog, so that you can look at the possibilities and bring a smile to someone’s face.

I  offer card making classes where new ideas and techniques are shared every month. If this interests you, check out the upcoming events for more details.